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  • Anno di nascita (approssimativo) :
  • Sesso : Maschio
  • Chipatto : No
  • Vaccinato : Si
  • Sterilizzato : Si


My name is Buio , which means dark in Italian. I was rescued from my colony last week by Passione Gatti. I was taken immediately to the vet as my eye was hemorrhaging, and it is now closed, and my other eye due to an infection has no vision. Please share this post and call this number (3331936007) if anyone is interested in adopting me so I do not have to return to my Feral Colony. I have been sterilized, vaccinated, and dewormed.
"Siamo 7 volontari che assistono 14 colonie di gatti randagi a Viterbo"
Passione Gatti ODV

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